Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prevent the Dengue Mosquito From Breeding

Below article on how to prevent the dengue mosquito from breeding.

The Aedes aegypti, commonly called yellow fever mosquito, dengue and causes the most deadly infection, dengue hemorrhagic fever. Materialize dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever as first signs, headache, nausea, vomiting and muscle pain. Stages of infection are able to lead by the nose and mouth, drowsiness and shock from bleeding to death. To prevent the breeding success of Aedes aegypti women, should be apartments, which are conducive to the reproduction is completed. The eggs can develop around your home, usually in containers of water. It can grow up to 10 days for larvae to adults.


Overturn containers that collect water, as recommended by the National Environment Agency. Avoid allowing water to accumulate in outdoor containers.

# 2
Kill larvae before they become adults.
Use BTI Briquets for outdoor applications to kill mosquito larvae, recommends the Armed Forces Pest Management Board. The briquets contain Bacillus thuringiensis, an incecticide. Place the BTI Briquets in bird baths, ponds and other areas where water can't be changed on a daily basis.

# 3
Avoid stagnant water in your flowering pots.

Clean the water in your flower pots. Avoid letting the water stagnate, to prevent the female from laying her eggs. Occasionally stir the soil in your plotted plants to keep water from sitting on the surface. Cleanse any flower pot plates with a scrub brush to remove any potential eggs.

# 4
Don't develop breeding grounds.

Clear debris from your roof gutters. Leaves and twigs in your gutter can allow water to accumulate, creating an optimal breeding ground for the female.

# 5
Remove sources of breeding grounds.

Remove any clutter than can hold water, says The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Items can include buckets and tires.

# 6
Take precaution indoors.

Change the water in your vases daily. Rinse the roots of your flowers underneath running water to remove eggs. Wash the inside of your vase thoroughly after use.

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